Pet Surgeries in Long Beach, CA

Veterinarian holding a dog with a cast - Animal hospital in Signal Hill CA
Signal Hill Pet Hospital is equipped to perform most surgical procedures - from spays and neuters to more complicated surgeries such as orthopedic procedures, which include torn knee ligaments (ACL repair) and pinning of broken bones. We take pride in our new anesthesia equipment and our modern patient monitoring systems. You can feel reassured that your pet will receive the most up to date monitoring with our SurgiVet monitor, our surgical anesthesia technicians, and our surgeon. We provide the most complete monitoring available including ECG, Pulse Oximetry, Capnography, Blood Pressure and Core Body Temperature.
  • Low Cost Spay and Neuter
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is a progressive new option that promotes a safe and less painful treatment for your pet. The benefits are less pain, less bleeding, less swelling, extreme precision, reduced risk of infection, and quicker recovery.

Anesthetic Procedures

We utilize the safest available anesthetics to provide an extra margin of safety, especially for our older or high-risk patients. Using the most modern equipment, the patient's vital signs are monitored during all anesthetic procedures. Patient monitoring (ECG, pulse oximeter, respiratory, blood pressure) Isoflurane and Sevoflurane gas anesthesia).

ECG and Pulse Oximetery equipment can monitor your pet's heart rate and vital signs to better determine how well your pet is responding to treatment and surgical procedures. Your pet's health issues often go unnoticed. Once symptoms appear, the condition may be more difficult or costly to diagnose and treat. Through the years, your pet's advanced age can bring many conditions that, if diagnosed early, can be completely reversed or controlled for extended periods of time. Your pet should have a complete annual physical exam. Remember, your pet's life span is much shorter than humans. Much can happen in 12 months.